LightWave Radar

For years, wind turbines have interfered with radar,

stalling the development of wind farms

and impeding the growth of sustainable energy.

But now, with the winds of change are blowing in.



LightWave is a low cost, primary radar system designed to provide in fill air surveillance, observe international border regions and enhance protection of infrastructure and high value national assets or events...providing surveillance even when challenged by the presence of wind turbines and the clutter they create.

Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet


The LightWave S-Band Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar fuses C Speed's family of LightWave radar subsystems into a low cost, high performance radar system. LightWave operates in two fundamental operational modes. When configured in its Low PRF mode, LightWave operates as a low cost, primary surveillance radar. When configured in its High PRF mode, LightWave, in addition to operating as a surveillance radar system, also offers advanced radar imaging capabilities. This High PRF configuration allows it to be an even more effective sensor that permits very difficult problems – such as mitigating the radar clutter effects produced by wind turbines – to be solved. LightWave is made in the USA.


  • In fill and gap fill
  • Air traffic control – small or large airfields
  • Wind Turbine Clutter Mitigation
  • Data Recording
    • High bandwidth digitized RF pre-processed
    • Low bandwidth plot and track outputs
  • Non-cooperative, airborne target detection
  • Detection of low altitude targets, slow flyers, and ultralights
  • Optional fusion tracker and display – multi radar fusion for in fill
  • Cosecant-Squared Antenna capable of extended range
  • Low cost – acquisition as well as O&M
  • Low power – as low as 100 watts peak
  • Multi-Mission – ATC, situational awareness
  • Stand alone system or multi sensor configuration (3D)
  • Defense and Homeland Security applications
  • Manned/Unmanned air platform detection
  • International border region surveillance
  • Low flying targets in difficult clutter environments
  • Upgrade existing ATC radars


Frequency: S-Band
Scan Rate: 12.5 RPM nominal (4.8s update rate), programmable
Instrumented Range: up to 100 nmi
Azimuth: 360° coverage
Solid-state design with high MTBF
Standard ASTERIX output
Approved by U.S. Department of Commerce for export

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Located in Upstate New York, C Speed is an innovative radar system and subsystem supplier serving its global commercial and government customers. Its team has many years of experience in providing radar receiver, exciter and signal processor upgrades to both military and civilian radar systems that are located throughout the world.

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Current News

January 2018

C Speed Announces Lightwave Radar Wind Turbine Mitigation and In-Fill Air Surveillance Radar System Achieves TRL-9 Status

Air Surveillance Radar company C Speed has announced its LightWave Radar system – field proven to detect small, non-cooperative targets in difficult clutter environments – is the first fully integrated system of its kind in the United States to achieve TRL-9 status (an actual system proven through successful mission operations). This follows the successful deployment of the LightWave Radar system, in collaboration with prime contractor Elbit Systems of America, for the United States Department of Homeland Security and its integration with Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) Air and Marine Operations Surveillance System (AMOSS).

“C Speed has been developing and field testing its LightWave Radar technology to address the mitigation of wind turbine clutter on primary radar systems for several years now”, said David Lysack, President and Chief Executive Officer of C Speed. “Our extensive field testing campaigns, including our participation with the Interagency Field Test & Evaluation (IFT&E) efforts back in 2012, has culminated in a fielded solution for both industry and the government. We are proud and excited to bring this solution to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol”

C Speed is a provider of innovative technology solutions addressing Homeland Security, Defense, Air Traffic Control, Medical, Industrial, Test and Measurement, and other applications. C Speed engineers and delivers radar system and subsystem solutions for global commercial and government. Its team has over 30 years of experience in the radar industry. For more information on C Speed's LightWave Radar, visit:

September 2016

C Speed's LightWave Radar Mitigates US Air Force Raytheon ASR-11 (DASR)

LIVERPOOL, NY - C Speed has completed its research effort to explore integration techniques for the LightWave Radar with the Travis AFB Raytheon ASR-11 Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (DASR). Integration of the two radar sources successfully demonstrated improvement to the air picture when non-transmitting targets encroach on the extensive Wind Resource Area. Travis AFB is adjacent to more than 600 wind turbines that have impacted the air picture by interfering with the existing DASR system. C Speed’s efforts were made in collaboration with Travis AFB via a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) that commenced in 2013. USTRANSCOM signed the CRADA on behalf of its Air Force Transportation Component Command, Air Mobility Command, the parent command of Travis Air Force Base (AFB).

Headquartered in Liverpool, New York, USA, C Speed, LLC is a global radar company that is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.


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